Browning Wreckers will take on the world this weekend
Browning Wreckers will take on the world this weekend
Posted on 04/03/2019
Team at Lego Robotics Tournament
In just its first year, an early elementary Lego Robotics team is now ready to take on the world.

Six Utica Community Schools students will be taking part in the FIRST ® World Championship in Detroit in late April.

Tommy Quinn, Micah Sornig, Bradley Maier, Olivia Richter, Kennedy Remsnyder and Naliyah Reeves, of Browning Elementary - who range in age from first through third grade - will be competing against international students in the First Lego League Jr. competition at the tournament. Their coaches are Amy Quinn and Jen Sornig.

“Utica Community Schools remains a hotbed for robotics education,” said Superintendent Dr. Christine Johns. “From the earliest grades, our teachers work to inspire student interest in computer science and develop the essential skills of innovation and problem solving.”

This is the initial year a FIRST ® LEGO League Jr. team has been developed in UCS as part of the LEGO League program.

“I have played with Legos my whole life,” said Quinn, a second grader. “I like that you can design something in whatever color you want, with different shapes. It’s very creative for people like us.”

The FIRST ® LEGO League challenges students to use Lego products to design and solve a problem identified through a national challenge. It leads to the national FIRST competition, where high school teams work with business partners to create a working robot that competes in a sports-like competition.

For the Lego junior teams, students are challenged to use Lego parts to build a moon base that has a moving piece. Teams must also create a “Show Me” poster that includes core values and resource components.

“We are basically building something that you could use to survive in space,” said Sornig, a second grader.

The students will compete in the FIRST ® championship April 23-24 set in Detroit.  The championship will bring championship teams together for FIRST Lego League Jr., FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge and the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Utica Community Schools has a long history of success in FIRST and other robotics competition, including state championships in Vex Robotics, underwater robotics, and state and national championships in the FIRST® competition.