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What's the word at Browning?
What's the word at Browning?
Posted on 09/10/2020
Two photos - a self-portrait with the word creativity and a photo with the word imaginationWords matter. And nowhere is that more evident than Browning Elementary, which is starting the year asking students to share a single word that will help make a positive start to the new year. 

“We know that remote and virtual learning is not the norm and it was a way to start off on the right foot,” said Browning Elementary Lou Misovski.  “A great attitude can right many wrongs, so to speak.”

The “One Word” program – based on the book “One Word for Kids” by Jon Gordon – asks students to select that one word that will help them have their best year ever. 

The words shared by Browning Elementary students reflect their positive attitudes: Friends, Confident, Happy, Imagination, Kind, Helpful, “Do”. 

The school is collecting the words and will post them on building walls for when students transition to face-to-face instruction. 

“It doesn’t have to be daunting, it can simply start with one word,” Misovski said. “ It’s important that we create opportunities to talk to kids, not at them.”

Lisa Wingerter’s son Jake chose the word “Imagination.”

She said: “I asked Jake, about to start kindergarten, what his one word would be. He thought for a moment. He listed a couple words, but didn't think they fit, just like the boy in the story. Then he came up with imagination and said that felt right. He said using your imagination helps you have fun and figure stuff out.”  

Wingerter said the program creates a positive attitude when considering the different start to the new year.

“I think with a little imagination and creativity, we can get through all the challenges together,” she said. 

Kindergarten parent Julia Laity agrees. 

“Projects like this are important in building and maintaining a community for our children,” she said.  “It helps them feel involved and important to their school. Lucy feels appreciated and seen when her work is noticed and it encourages her to create more.”

Her daughter, who attends the virtual academy through Browning Elementary, chose the word creativity. 

“Her mind works in creative ways,” Laity said.  “She loves to draw people she loves, characters she loves, things she likes to do, and most of all she loves to draw pictures for the special people in her life.”